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About GBWhatsapp

GB Whatsapp is a modified and advanced version of original Whatsapp which was released initially. Now GBwhatsapp has been introduced by the third party developers, in which new advanced features has been added to meet the needs of the users. GBWhatsapp is fully of new features and very advanced features which were added so that users can enjoy the app to full extent.

Main Features of GBWhatsapp

Hide Status
Airplane Mode
Download Status
Auto Reply

There are many features which has been added in the GBWhatsapp to meet the needs of the users. Following are the main features of the app which we are initially going to discuss for you. So that you can know better and more about the app which you are going to use.

Hide Online Status

GbWhatsapp pro allows you to hide you online status from those contacts you want to hide. You can hide online status of your GbWhatsapp by going in to the privacy settings and click on the option “Hide View Status” as shown in the below picture.

Airplane Mode

It is an amazing feature which is one of the main features of the GBWhatsapp. In this version of the app you can activate the Airplane mode if you don’t want to receive GBWhatsapp messages from anyone and want to use internet facility for other activities. Just activate the option till you want to not be disturbed by anyone either through messages or calls.

Download Status

Downloading Status is very important feature for the users of GBWhatsapp. This feature is not available in the original whatsapp. With the help of this feature users can download the status of anyone and can save in the device for future use or can use it as their own status.

Enjoy Auto Reply Service

You can enjoy auto reply service in this modified version of Whatsapp. With this amazing option of GBWhatsapp you can send auto reply to anyone who sends you message while you are busy. Just use this service and send auto reply.

Auto Reply

Other Features of GB Whatsapp 2024

Gbwhatsapp is a modified version of simple Whatsapp, more amazing features has been introduced in the GBWhatsapp. Just download gbwhatsapp and enjoy the following special features here.

  • Auto Reply
    • In the GbWhatsapp there is an amazing feature of auto reply to anyone while you are busy and unable to send message mannualy. This feature was not available in the simple whatsapp.
  • Do Not Disturb mode
    • There is a special feature of do not disturb which allows users to use other applications without any disturbance as with this feature the notifications of Gbwhatsapp messages will not appear on the screen.
  • Multiple Language
    • One of the special features of the GB Whatsapp is the multiple languages, as it offers users to use the app in multiple languages.
  • Profile Change Notification
    • Gb Whatsapp has an amazing feature of change profile notification, if anyone of your contacts change the profile image then you will also get the notification of change profile.
  • Hide Pop up Notifications
    • You can hide the pop up notifications on the home screen which is not available in the simple whatsapp.
  • Share High Quality Images
    • If you share images on simple whatsapp then the picture quality will be get down, but in the Gb Whatsapp the quality of image will remain same and you will receive the image in high quality.
  • Hide Last Seen
    • You can hide last seen of your profile and no one will be able to know when you were online.
  • Hide Status
    • If you don’t want to show of your status to all your contacts then you can hide your status from the contact whichone you want to hide.
  • Status Character upto 255
    • Gbwhatsapp users can write the status upto 255 characters, while the simple whatsapp allows only 139 characters on status.

How to Update GBWhatsApp Pro

Let me tell you that, updating GBWhatsapp Pro is very easy as compared to the official Whatsapp. Here we are going to guide you that how you will update the latest version of GBWhatsapp Pro. Following is the easy instructions for you to update the APK.

Step-1 first of all visit our website

Step-2 Just click on the Download Button given on this page to download the latest version of the app.

Step-3 Next in the future when you want to update the latest version of the app. Just open the app.

Step-4 Now click on the three dots icons located at the right top corner of the app, and open app settings as in the image.

Step-5 Here you will see an update button in the GB Settings. Just click on this to update the app.

Step-6 Now at the end just click on the Check for Updates button to check either there is a latest version available or not. If you are already using the latest version then there will be message “You have latest update!”.

What is the Difference Between GbWhatsapp and Whatsapp 2024?

GB Whatsapp and simple Whatsapp both are the same to conversate with someone but GbWhatsapp has many more features as compared to the simple whatsapp. Following are the difference between whatsapp and GbWhatsapp Pro.

  • Size of Media Sharing
    • This version allows users to share the media upto 50MB while simple whatsapp allows only 15MB to share.
  • Copy Status
    • You can copy the status of your friends or contacts in the GbWhatsapp but this feature is not available in the simple whatsapp.
  • Share Multiple Document formates
    • While using GbWhatsapp you can share the documents in multiple formates like pdf, word, excell and text format while you can not do the same in the simple whatsapp.
  • Change Theme
    • You can change the theme of your GbWhatsapp in the latest version fo Whatsapp.
FeatureWhatsAppWA GB Pro
Audio and Video CallsYesYes
Media Sharing25 MB700 MB
Customized LayoutLight and dark4031 Themes
View Once DownloadNoYes
Status DownloadNoYes
Freeze Last SeenNoYes
Hide Profile PictureNoYes
Disable Blue TickNoYes
Delete Messages from Both SidesNoNo (Disabled)
Download DPNoYes
Airplane mode (DND)NoYes
Caller LimitNoYes
Update NotificationNoYes
Change Chat ColorNoYes
Change FontNoYes
Forward Message IndicatorYesNo (Disabled)
Online Contact Pop-upNoYes
Your Status Looks Pop-uoNoYes
Restrict CallersNoYes
Viewed Status IndicationYesNo
Chat LockNoYes
Image Sharing Limits30 ImagesMore than 100
Multiple AccountsNoYes
Hide Chat NameNoYes
Auto Reply FeatureNoYes
Scheduled Reply FeatureNoYes
Major Icon ChangesCannot be changedOver 75 Icons
Unread Message ColorNoYes
Hide Recent ChatsNoYes

Download GBWhatsapp Pro for Windows PC

Befor downloading the GBWhatsapp for Windows PC, let me tell you that the softwares which are being used on PC includes a .exe extension file. But still the developers of the GBWhatsapp has developed only APK file which is compatable for smartphones only. However there is no need to worry about if you still want to use the app on your PC. Here is a some easy instructions for you to use the app on PC.

Android emulator is the best way to use the APK files on your PC. This emulator will definitly help you to enjoy all the features of the app on your PC. You just have to download and install it on your PC and you will be able to enjoy the app on PC. Just follow these instructions.

Step-1 First of all as we tell you that, you have to download the latest version of Android emulator on your PC.

Step-2 After the completion of the .exe file on your PC, click on the file and run it as as administrator.


Step-3 Now you will see a dialog box with a button “Install Now” to start the installation of the emulator.


Step-4 Now you will see the procedure of downloading and installation of the emulator. Wait for the downloading of the complete files to work properly and the installation of the app.


Step-5 After the completion of the installation you will see the icon of Bluestacks app just like your android.

Step-6 Now just Tap on System Apps and Open Google Chrome.

Step-7 Now in the chrome just type and click on the link.

Step-8 On the website download the latest version of the GBWhatsapp by clicking on the “Download

Step-9 After the completion of downloadin just locate the APK file and install it.

Step-10 After the completion of installation there will be an icon on PC like your android.

Congratulations, you have successfully completed and launched the GBWhatsapp Pro latest version on your PC. Enjoy the app.


Following are the common questions which may you want to know about the Gb Whatsapp Apk, so that you may not face any problem while downloading or installing the app.

  • Is it safe to download gbwhatsapp 2023?
    • Yes it is very safe to download Gbwhatsapp from our website, it is malware, virus free to use.
  • What is Gb Whatsapp?
    • Gbwhatsapp is an advanced and modified version of original whatsapp.
  • Is Gb Whatsapp safe to use?
    • No Gb Whatsapp is not safe to use because user of this app is banned by the original whatsapp. One thing more is that, Gb Whatsapp is provided by different providers, due to which there are possibilities of data losing or data snitching.
  • Is Gbwhatsapp free?
    • You can use the app whithout any payment. Just download it from our website and enjoy the amazing features totaly free.
  • How can i chat with GB on whatsapp?
    • If you want to chat on whatsapp with Gb Whatsapp then you just have to click on the three dots from the screen of Gb Whatsapp from top right corner and select ‘Settings’. Then, choose ‘Chat’ on the next page.
  • Can I use GB WhatsApp and normal WhatsApp with same number?
    • No you can not use GB whatsapp and Normal WhatsApp on the same number, you have to register both applications on different numbers. However you can use both applications on one phone.
  • How to update Gb Whatsapp?
    • You can update Gb Whatsapp by going on the menue button (three dots) on the right top corner of your app. In the mebue go to “GB Settings” after that, select “updates” now click on the button “check for updates” here you can see if there is an update for your app. If there is an update, then click on the “Download” button to get the latest version. After the completion of download, click on the downloaded apk file to install the application by following the installation instructions.

Watch Tutorial About New Features

Benefits of GBWhatsapp

Following are the main Pros/ Benefits of Gb Whatsapp

  • Conference Call
    • In the GBwhatsapp you can enjoy the feature of Conference Call audio or video in which add multiple participants however the simple whatsapp allows only limited participants.
  • Customization
    • You can customize the receiving and sending messages to your contacts which is not offered by the official whatsapp.

Final Words

GB Whatsapp Apk Download is a very impressive and entertainment application as compared to simple Whatsapp which has been created by the third party by adding more features for user. Download GWhatsapp from our website and suggest it your friends to visit here to download virus and malware free Gbwhatsapp apk file.

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