GBWhatsapp 5.90 Apk Download

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GBWhatsapp 5.90 Apk Download is the latest and modified version of the popular instant messaging app WhatsApp. This version has been loaded with advanced features that are not present in the official WhatsApp app. GBWhatsApp Version 5.90 APK is the latest version of this modded app, and it is packed with several new features and improvements over the previous versions.

Two accounts on same Device

One of the key features of GBWhatsApp is the ability to use two WhatsApp accounts on the same device. This is particularly useful for people who have multiple phone numbers or who want to separate their personal and work accounts.


In addition to other amazing features, GBWhatsApp allows you to customize the app’s theme, font, and chat bubbles, giving you more control over the look and feel of the app. So that you feel easy by customizing the app according to your nature and choice.

GBWhatsapp 5.90 Apk Download

Schedule Messages

GBWhatsApp Version 5.90 APK has several new amazing features that make the app even more attractive to the users. One of the most significant addition is the ability of schedule messages. With the help of this feature you can compose a message and set it for a specific time to be sent. This is useful for people who want to send messages at a specific time, such as wishing someone a happy birthday at midnight.

Broadcast Messages

Broadcast Messages is a very impressive feature which has been added in this version, through which you can send broadcast messages to up to 600 people at once. This is a significant improvement over the official WhatsApp app, which limits broadcast messages to 256 people. GBWhatsApp also allows you to send larger files, up to 50 MB, compared to the official app’s limit of 16 MB.

Enhanced Privacy

In this Version 5.90 APK privacy policy has been enhanced by the developers, through which there is a feature to hide your online status, blue ticks, and second ticks. This is useful for people who want to maintain their privacy or who do not want to be seen as ignoring messages.

Comparison with other Versions

When we talk about the comparison between version 5.90 with the older versions, then we can say that this version has more improved features as compared to other old versions of GBWhatsApp. Version 5.90 APK stands out for its improved features and stability. Some earlier versions of GBWhatsApp had stability issues, and some features were not working correctly. However, Version 5.90 APK has addressed these issues and provides a smooth and stable experience.


As a conclusion of GbWhatsapp Version 5.90 APK we can say that, this is an excellent choice for people who want to take their WhatsApp experience to the next level. Its advanced features, improved stability, and enhanced privacy features make it a popular choice among WhatsApp users. If you’re looking for a modded version of WhatsApp that provides more customization options and advanced features, GBWhatsApp Version 5.90 APK is definitely worth considering.

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